Regular dental examinations

Regular dental examinations are very important as they enable us to monitor the health of your mouth and keep it healthy.

This will mean fewer fillings, more attractive teeth and a greater chance of keeping your teeth for life.

  • We examine your neck and face checking for any disease and signs of oral cancer
  • We examine your whole mouth checking for any disease and oral cancer
  • We check your teeth for signs of decay
  • We check your teeth for signs of wear, erosion and cracks in both the fillings and the tooth
  • We check the position of your teeth for any irregularities
  • We check inside, under and between the teeth with x rays
  • We check the health of your gums looking for any signs of gum disease
  • We check for the presence of plaque, which causes tooth decay and gum disease
  • We check the bone that supports your teeth

We can then advise you how to become, and stay dentally healthy. We can also address any concerns you have about your teeth and the appearance of your smile.

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